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NEWCOMBE Upright & Bench

Newcombe Upright
Made in 1901 in Toronto.
Ornate Burled Walnut Cabinet
Middle Pedal Practicing Mute
Excellent Tone & Touch
H 56 x L 64 x D 28


KNABE Upright & Stool

Knabe Upright & Stool
Made in 1892 in Baltimore, U.S.A.
Oak Cabinet with Fretwork Front Board
Excellent Tone & Very Touch
H 56 1/2 x L 63 1/2 x D 27


WILLIS Apartment Size & Bench

Willis Apartment Size & Bench
Made in 1971 in Toronto.
Walnut Cabinet
Middle Pedal Bass Sustain
Very Good Tone & Touch
H 39 x L 58 x D 22


Sherlock Manning Upright

Sherlock Manning Upright
Made in 1917 in Toronto
Maple Cabinet
Middle Bass Sustain
Excellent Tone & Very Good Touch
H 52 x L 61 X D 25


Mozart Apartment Size by Mason & Risch & Bench

Mozart Apartment Size by mason & Risch
Made in 1961 in Toronto, Ontario.
Walnut Cabinet
Excellent Tone & Touch
H 40 x L 58 X D 24


HEINTZMAN & Co. Upright & Bench

Heintzman & Co. Upright & Bench
Made in 1916 in Toronto.
Red Mahogany Cabinet
Middle Pedal Susteneto
Excellent Tone & Touch
H 54 x L 59 1/2 x D 27


LESAGE Apartment Size & Bench

Lesage Apartment Size
Made in 1974 in Ste. Therese, Quebec
Cherry Cabinet
Middle Bass Sustain
Good Tone & Very Good Touch
H 40 x L 48 X D 24


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